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RESEARCH - We are re-visiting the navigation menus in JumpCloud (information architecture; IA). We want your insights!

JumpCloud Alumni
JumpCloud Alumni

We have created an asynchronous card sort activity that you can participate in at your leisure. The activity link can be found below along with an instructional video on how to complete the card sort.

The goal of this activity is to understand how you mentally arrange JumpCloud’s products and features. All of the insights from this activity will be taken and synthesized by our research team. It is very likely we will not use any one design from this research, but instead will use all of the data collectively to identify an optimal information architecture (IA). 

With that in mind, we want to encourage a bit of friendly competition with these card sorts. Please vote on other card sorts you see in the link (if you complete your card sort early in the data collection process you might want to come back a few days later to vote). The card sort with the most votes will receive a $100 gift card!

Data collection for this activity is set to end Nov 20th. 

Activity link:


If you have any questions at all (including difficulty using our research tool) please reach out to I am more than happy to respond via email or even get on a video call so we can get your feedback. 

Thank you, 

Nathan J. Lindsey

Sr. UX Researcher @jumpcloud


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VERY Excited to see JC staff asking for feedback on organization of the UI! As a developer / maintainer, the organization you have may make sense to you but not to the people actually using the interface. I built an internal application for our company, and I hate the UI because I see it all the time. It's so bad, I even revamped the entire UI to a different design and before I even launched it I hated the colors and layout.

One thing that would be fantastic, is getting rid of the nested windows with scrolling.


Thank you for your response. Getting feedback is what keeps me employed so I greatly appreciate it! We have done a bit of research here and there on the IA over time, but haven't done a larger comprehensive (across functionality areas) IA project in a bit. This is also our first time leveraging community and the lounge for this type of research. 

Any and all feedback is appreciated whether it is about how we conducted the project or the subject of the project itself. 

Thanks for the insight here and participating in the miro board!



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Thanks for seeking this input from actual users!   Outside of this exercise, I have a few other comments/requests concerning the interface that I think would be super helpful.

  1. Allow Admins to select a primary OS within their organization so that pages such as software management would default to opening the page for that primary OS.  This setting should also be leveraged to default to that primary OS when creating new commands, policies, etc.  Otherwise, within sections, allow us to specify the default page to open.  (this is already done within the Devices section)  It's a little thing, but I hate being required to manually select Apple/Mac 98% of the time when working with software, creating policies, creating commands, etc.

  2. Allow Admins to hide items/sections that are not actively being used.  For example, we don't currently use LDAP, Password Manager, Active Directory, or HR Directories, and it would be nice to hide those from view to simplify and streamline the interface.  Doing so would also make it easier when teaching new techs/admins how to use JumpCloud by removing any unnecessary clutter from their view.

Rising Star III

Plus one for allowing admins to hide items / sections that aren't being used!

Awesome, thank you for the insights!

1. That's a great point. I like that a lot. 

2. Another great point and something I know we have discussed in the past.

I will make sure the teams that get this new IA data know about both of these.  


Full disclosure, these decisions ultimately aren't up to me. I take the findings and make arguments for what we should focus on with various other teams (e.g., designers, product managers, engineers, etc.). So, while I think these are great ideas I don't want to give the impression that these will make it to product yet or at all. That said, the best way to get something into product is to make sure someone on the UX team (even better if it's UXResearch) hear your thoughts!

Please feel free to post additional insights here or on any other threads you see the UXR Team on. The UXR team at JumpCloud is comprised of myself, Mary Harste (the boss), and Jane Kim. We are always happy to get feedback.