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Lots of O365 Login Prompts

Novitiate I

I have AzureAD sync'd with jumpcloud and SAML auth setup for O365 though JumpCloud. Users are logged into JC managed windows PCs with JC managed accounts. Office apps like OneDrive and Outlook keep signing themselves out or at least prompting for re-authentication at least daily, and sometimes multiple times per day, and on most reboots. The devices are enrolled with JC MDM, but they aren't "signed in with Microsoft accounts" (which I believe is a good thing, as that could mess with JC MDM?). It seems like something is deleting the auth cookies for office apps? Has anyone experienced this? Super frustrating for users. Shouldn't the JC agent be handling the auth cookies since the user is signed in with a managed account?


Novitiate II

It’s been a minute for me with JumpCloud managed windows PC’s, and I know JumpCloud has made some updates. I think the computers should be registered with the Entra org though. Like if you go to access work or school on a local PC you should see the MS account logged in since it’s registered, it just should not be Azure Joined.

I did try that on one machine yesterday and it did seem to help. I wasn't sure if that was going to cause issues with JumpCloud or not so didn't want to tell everyone to do this until I could verify. Definitely not Azure AD Joined though since JCA doesn't policy/MDM. 

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