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A Clear Path to Integrate JumpCloud with Active Directory

Iron II
Iron II

JumpCloud's Active Directory Integration is now even more approachable thanks to new comprehensive, centralized documentation that offers step-by-step instructions to get it set up, and navigates through common issues that admins sometimes encounter. Here are the three primary documents that we've developed to get you started:

  1. Getting Started: a primer and explanation of what you can and can't do with the ADI and JumpCloud. There are multiple variations of how you can configure Active Directory and JumpCloud, depending on your company’s needs and objectives. This article includes JumpCloud terminology and covers the different methods used to integrate Active Directory and JumpCloud for your workflow.
  2. Configuring ADI: A detailed step by step guide to set up ADI. This article lists all of the absolute requirements for configuring both AD Import & Sync along with configurations and objects needed within Active Directory.
  3. Using your ADI: This is what you can do with your now configured ADI. After implementing your Active Directory Integration, there are more details in this article on how to leverage ADI depending on your configuration and use case.

Each document has a set of links to the next article in the chain, and the Using ADI doc has links to the rest of our Knowledge base. We also created this troubleshooting guide that has some of the basic and most common issues that user sometimes encounter.

JumpCloud's open directory platform extends Active Directory to provide your users with resources from any vendor they need to do their job, no matter where they're located. Access is also secure, from trusted devices with the appropriate permissions, thanks for Zero Trust access control features. IT teams can strive to build infrastructure that's not limited to Microsoft's ecosystem. 

Your resources will change and so will your working patterns. The one foundational thing that can accommodate that change now (and into the future) is JumpCloud.