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Product Updates: Schedule Activation for a User's Start Date

JumpCloud Employee
JumpCloud Employee

Hello JumpCloud community! I’m Trevor, JumpCloud Product Manager focused on all things identity lifecycle and getting users the right access at the right time. I’m happy to share that we’ve released Scheduled Activation, free and included in all packages!

  • Schedule the Activation of Staged or Suspended users individually or in bulk.
  • Activation can be scheduled for the start date of an entire class of new hires at one time.
  • The scheduled event can (optionally) send Activation emails that enable users to set their own password and complete their JumpCloud onboarding.
  • Keep contractors and seasonal employees access relevant and timely by leveraging Scheduled Suspension and Activation.
  • Users can flow into JumpCloud in a Staged state from your HRIS in real-time or with imports. Schedule user Activation at your convenience to enable user access.

Schedule Activation for multiple users at once.Schedule Activation for multiple users at once.

Reminder: Users in the Staged state have no access, regardless of password status, until being Activated.

Learn more about Scheduled Activation and user states in our Knowledge Base article.