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Help: SSO, Multiple user access to Functional Email Accounts?

Novitiate I

I need some guidance on the best approach for managing Multiple User access to Functional Mailboxes. We are in the process of implementing JumpCloud. (Newbie).

For Example: We have several Users in the Sales team that need to access My preference and hope is that Microsoft O365 would be treated as just another application; that we could simply give and access to the mailbox.

According to our SI, this is not possible. Apparently, the email address used in the Jumpcloud account needs to be the same as the email address in the email application (in our case, Microsoft O365). Our SI is looking into find a solution, however I thought it might be useful to ask here.

 I'm interested to know how others have addressed this need, using Jumpcloud.



access to as we would any other application.


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Community Manager

Hi @Warren you're correct that the email addresses need to match in order to use SSO. The alternative would be for those specific users to skip the SSO login and login specifically with the sales email address. Would that work? 

Just checked internally and the only option would be to put the shared email accounts in a different domain that they can log into without SSO. 

Rising Star I

@Warren you could technically have user1@ and user2@ in JC and that would SSO to their 365 "unique" mailboxes/user account(s) and then in 365 admin you could have the sales@ be a shared mailbox.  Meaning the Shared Mailbox will show in user1@ and user2@ outlook session(s) so NO need to login to sales@ if that makes sense.  You can convert an existing 365 user to a shared mailbox.  Quick google will bring you up on the instructions (super easy!).  Then you can also save a license in 365 for that sales@ user this way too and a JC license, etc.  --- You can also send from the shared mailbox also on top of viewing and collaborating in that mailbox.

I'm sure you could use a specific user group to access the shared mailbox to further automate things so that you can use SCIM in JC -> 365 for user group management and then in JC you could have a user group called Shared Mailbox - Sales or something like that and then in 365 you map that SCIM user group to the shared mailbox and then any users added to that user group in JC will be granted access to the shared mailbox sales@