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Assign UID/GIDs automatically

Novitiate I


Is there a way to automatically set the UID/GID of a user when it is added to a user group or a device group? I know it is possible to do so manually, but maybe there is a JumpCloud-y way of automating this. 

For context, we have several Linux servers that have a shared filesystem. Permissions to this filesystem are of course based on unix permissions, so I need to guarantee that the users of this user group/device group have the same UID/GID in the servers. I can manually set these via JumpCloud, but I want to avoid doing this every time I add a user to a user group.
A particular example would look like adding a user to a user group, then JC verifies what is the next available UID/GID and assigns it to the user.

I tried to explore doing this via webhooks (webhook detects a user has been added to user group, then triggers UID/GID assignment logic), but I was told webhooks are not supported in JC. However, I saw something related to commands and triggers. These links seem relevant but commands seem to run on the devices and I don't think I need the UID/GID assigning to run in any particular device; it's just an API call. 
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