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Support for Debian 12 Bookworm

Novitiate I

When can I expect to have JumpCloud support Debian 12 Bookworm?

I've tried  it and found that it's a good OS that I intend to make use of. I'm held back from using it until JumpCloud supports it.

I suspect that the Linux JumpCloud agent would work just fine, but the Linux installer script explicitly checks for the OS version when installing and blocks me from installing it.


I haven't tested it yet but I did notice that 12 is now on the supported list.  Yay!

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Iron II
Iron II

Hi  genericuser1000, let me check on this and get back to you. No promises on being able to provide a release date though 🙂 But I will ask and get you what info I'm authorized to share 🙂

Hi @genericuser1000  I checked internally. Support for Debian 12 is already in the works and will be available soon. I can get back to you once it's announced.

Rising Star III

Good news. I miss my synced SSH access to my Proxmox 8 systems. Fun fact, if you UPGRADE from 7x to 8, the agent stays in place and still works..... So at least it seems like there won't be a major delay getting it on the list.

Any update on this? Debian 12 has been out for a number of months now. Is there typically any ETA around release adoptions for future reference?

Hi @jeremy-cxf let me check and get back to you 🙂

Hi @jeremy-cxf looks like we still don't have a release date that we can share but we will definitely post an announcement once its ready. We appreciate your patience! 

Novitiate II

Debian 12 and Fedora 38 support would be great since it has been some time since they were released.

Novitiate II

It has been some time since there were any updates on this.  I see Fedora 38 was added close to the time Fedora 39 came out.  I moved to Pop!_OS 22.04 to alleviate that but the lack of Debian 12 support is killing me.  I get that some distributions move fast but Debian is the snail that I count on 🙂

Hi @Ryan_G I'm checking internally, I'll get back to you 🙂

I have been waiting for it too for some time now. Weird that there is no support even when its that popular.

Iron II
Iron II

@genericuser1000 @jeremy-cxf @Ryan_G @omerd_cyera @rlyons latest update is that Debian 12 is currently being tested and should be officially supported soon. This is definitely a priority for the product team. Stay tuned everyone! 

Hi. Thanks for the update. Are we talking about weeks or months?

Trying to plan our deployment plan for this year 🙂

I haven't tested it yet but I did notice that 12 is now on the supported list.  Yay!

Hello all, as @Ryan_G mentioned the supported list has been updated to include Debian 12 and Fedora 38! 

Just to confirm I was able to spin up a Debian 12 VM and install the JumpCloud agent.  Everything worked great including nuking it from JC.  Thanks!

Novitiate I

Hi @urvashi my team wanted to know an ETA by when we can get support for fedora 39. 


Hi @neel-desh let me check internally and get back to you. 

Hi @neel-desh the team is looking at Q1(ish) 2024 for Fedora 39 support as of right now. 🙂

Hello @urvashi any update on the same.

Hi @neel-desh not yet but you can subscribe to updates here so you'll know when it's released:

You can also track updates here:

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