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JumpCloud Alumni
JumpCloud Alumni

Welcome to the grand opening of the new Radical Admin Blog, a new addition to the JumpCloud Community!

“Radical Admin Blog? Why, Pam, how did you come up with that name?” you ask. 

Great question, glad you asked.

rad·i·cal - /ˈradək(ə)l/

Adjective, relating to or affecting the fundamental nature of something; far-reaching or thorough. (Oxford Dictionary)

The world is full of strictly technical blogs, diving deep into how things work, and why they work… but what about everything else about Admin Life and being in the business of IT? Career advice? Skills development? Growing a business? What if we also talked about everything else that matters radically, thoroughly? What if we wrote deep dives into topics important to us Admins and MSPs but not only technical in nature? What if we added content about <gasp> soft skills? What if we <ohmigosh> allowed comments and discussion on this blog?

Chris Tate and I have been writing for the general JumpCloud Blog for a while now, but we wanted to bring our field experience and expertise in sysadmin and MSP work closer to the user community. We’re not just bringing it closer though, we’re bringing it radically closer to the community. Our blog posts are joining the Community today and we couldn’t be more excited.

The corporate blog will still be filling your brains with all the tech knowledge you need to manage your IT; your favorite tech authors will still be there. We’re giving them some space to expand their offerings while we expand our reach and grow discussions over here as part of the JumpCloud Community.

Join us. Comment where you see fit. Discuss to your heart’s content. Be kind to each other…we’re in this together.

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