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[Python] SSSIP - Self Service Software Installation Portal (RC 1)

Rising Star III
Rising Star III


Last week I shared the experimental version of SSSIP here.

In the meantime I found some time to make improvements and updates leading to a Release Candidate 1 (RC1). 

SSSIP RC1 logo.png


The following changes and improvements were made:

  1. The application has a whitelist for applications now. Only app-ID's listed in the config will be displayed for selection to the user. 
  2. Secrets like API-key and OIDC config have moved to the .env-File
  3. The list of device is populated first and the device with the most recent 'last contact' is pre-selected
  4. Depending on the Operating System, the applications will be filtered. Meaning, you won't see a Mac-Application if your device is based on Windows etc. 
  5. Some UI changes to make the experience more pleasant and smoother

Screen Recording 2023-11-09 at 18.08.09.gif


Besides that, everything is the same as described in the first article (linked above). 

Zipped file of the RC1 on my GitHub here.

What's next:
I don't plan any major changes now, but I will find some easy hosting options for you guys and then I'll write about it.