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What's New In PowerShell | July 2024

Hey everyone, I wanted to make a post regarding some recent additions to the PowerShell Module that might be beneficial to know about!   With the two latest releases (2.11.0 and 2.12.0) we've introduced a new function, Get-JcScheduledUserstate, as we...

GWein by JumpCloud Employee
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Report on User Last Logon Events

JumpCloud Directory Insights data contains a wide range of information about organization users, their systems and how they are accessing managed resources. Understanding how to access and use the Directory Insights data can help administrators secur...

jworkman_0-1718907456696.png Screenshot 2024-06-20 at 12.55.33 PM.png
jworkman by JumpCloud Employee
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Resolved! export device overview fields

Hi everybody,I'd like to know if there is a way and/or script using Powershell Module to export the device details like Vendor, Model, Serial, ecc... for the whole devices, instead doing and export one by one.Many thanksDario Vernelli  

[PowerShell] Windows Disk Usage Report

HiI came across the ask for a Disk Usage Report for JumpCloud Managed Devices. Therefore I wrote a fairly simple PowerShell Script for you guys as a template. It creates a CSV file which looks like this:   You can find the script here on my GitHub. ...


Resolved! export users and password expiration date

Hi everybody,I'd like to create a script using the Get-JCUser command to export all users with password_expiration_date minor than XX days or, maybe, with password_expiration_date - today() < XX days.May I have some help from you ?Thanks in advance,D...

Restart Nudge for Macs

Hi all,  Reposing this from a conversation in the JumpCloud Slack Lounge.  "I have a question, but I'm not sure the best place to ask. We want to somehow and gently force our Macs to restart once a week. Our users have a tendency to just close their ...

urvashi by Community Manager
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Command to deploy Office retail

Hello hello,  Reposting this one from the JumpCloud Slack Lounge. Loic B. shared how he deployed Office to his devices via JumpCloud commands:  Command $URL = "

urvashi by Community Manager
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Let's Find the Missing Apps!

Hi Folks, Today, I want to remaster one of my previous works, featuring the recently polished app/software/program focused cmdlet - Get-JCSystemApp (kudos to Joe @jworkman ).   The Problem Now we can easily locate the applications/programs installed ...

shawnsong by Rising Star III
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Run a script after a user is bound to a device

Hello everyone,I am looking to find a way to run a command/ script whenever a user is bound to a device.I am trying to add users to a local device group that has R/W access to a folder for Slack updates.I suppose I could create a script that runs onc...