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Five Eyes Alliance - How to apply best practices to protect your systems: by using JumpCloud?

Rising Star III
Rising Star III


A month ago, the Five Eyes Alliance issued a Joint Cybersecurity Advisory.


The advisory highlights the following best practices to protect your systems:


  1. Control Access
  2. Harden credentials
  3. Establish centralized log management
  4. Use antivirus solutions
  5. Employ detection tools
  6. Operate services exposed on internet-accessible hosts with secure configurations
  7. Keep software updated

    As you can read in the PDF on page 2, there's more elaboration on how weak or the lack of configurations are usually exploited by the bad guys. Certainly, the 'how they do it' is a 'must know' to better understand what mitigative steps need to be applied following best practices - leading to: "So, how I am gonna do it?"

    P.S.: next time I'll publish here as well in full mode instead of referencing to to my LinkedIn-Article


Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

That would be great, Juergen. Any other insights from the advisory, feel free to post them or give your opinion.

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