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Monitor JumpCloud with Datadog

JumpCloud Alumni
JumpCloud Alumni

Just saw this post from Datadog that allows you to monitor your JumpCloud environment using Datadog. I never got around to setting this up, only did SSO. Does anyone else use this?

Monitor Your JumpCloud Directory With Datadog | Datadog (





Novitiate II

Just set it up, very straightforward (only needed my Jumpcloud API key). I'll wait for logs to be populated and give an update here

That's awesome.. Look forward to hearing about the functionality. 

Novitiate II

So the logs have been pouring in. Directory Insights haven't made more sense! It's human-readable too, and with Datadog, you can always send your logs to Slack!

Great tool for auditing purposes

That's awesome to hear. I wish Datadog had a fully free option to accompany my JC tenant. Maybe I will research a bit to find a free soltuion. 

I'm using the free version of Datadog