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April ’23 JumpShot: MSP Edition

Iron II
Iron II

April ’23 JumpShot: MSP Edition


MSPs face the universal challenge of maintaining productivity for clients and for their operations. JumpCloud is making it even easier to service users from the beginning of their lifecycle through managing credentials, system maintenance, and offering remote support services. April’s JumpShot outlines how JumpCloud is advancing its core mission to help its MSPs partners to securely and efficiently provide clients with seamless access to resources.


MacOS Patch Management Major OS Upgrade Support


Patching Macs can be difficult for MSPs that rely upon separate RRM solutions.

Patch management for macOS devices just got a lot easier with JumpCloud. Now, admins can easily enforce "fire and forget" settings for both minor updates and major upgrades. Updates are enforced using scheduled MDM OS update commands, unlocking a zero-touch experience for both admins and end users. Devices that delay major upgrades may experience compatibility issues with applications or compliance requirements, causing disruptions to business operations and potentially affecting the client organization's ability to achieve compliance goals.

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Personio HRIS v.2.0 Integration



Organizations using Personio can now import and sync user data from Personio into JumpCloud from the Admin Portal, automating the HR and IT processes around joiners, movers, and leavers while improving security. 

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Remote Assist for Linux



Remote Assist is now supported for popular Linux desktop distributions including Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, and Rocky. With Linux support, we now provide a truly heterogeneous remote access solution unlike many legacy remote access solutions that mainly focus on Windows.

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Enhancements to Password Manager



Now, users can reset their PIN on the Password Manager desktop application, view the password history for each item, sorted by date, and enroll existing password accounts in two-factor authentication. Certain security standards and regulations require organizations to keep a record of password changes. Having a password history option in a password manager application can help organizations comply with these requirements. 

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Other News


JumpCloud Policy Group Template Gallery

JumpCloud Admins (both direct and MSP) are now able to quickly provision Policy Groups in the Admin Portal from templates curated and provided by JumpCloud. Using the Policy Group Template Gallery will help JumpCloud admins establish baselines for device settings and compliance right out of the box with JumpCloud.

PWM Enhancements: Assign User Groups to Shared Folders

Users can now assign user groups to Password Manager shared folders on the desktop app.

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