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Remote Assist: Install / Uninstall toggle is now available!

JumpCloud Employee
JumpCloud Employee

As requested, a UI toggle is now available for the automatic installation and uninstallation of the Remote Assist App. You can find this in the Global Settings for Remote Assist:


If you toggle this setting ON, current and future versions of the Remote Assist App will be automatically deployed to all supported devices (Windows and MacOS as of now).

If you toggle it OFF, the app will be automatically removed from the devices and future versions will also not be installed.

This new toggle works globally for ALL JumpCloud managed devices which are compatible with Remote Assist.

Please Note that the default value of this toggle is ON for all customers.

If you are one of those organizations who had uninstalled the app earlier, it is important that you toggle this setting OFF as soon as possible, or the new version of Remote Assist will be installed on all of your devices. Automatic installation/uninstallation of the Remote Assist app is starting in early December 2022.

See the KB article for more details.