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Using remote assist to connect to my servers

Rising Star II

Really like the idea of "remote assist" as another stepping stone to jumpcloud becoming "one to rule them all", for my servers though, there is obviously no-one to accept the incoming connectin, so how to I tell jumpcloud not to ask for machine in my server-group?


Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

That's coming. @NeerajK mentioned in the lounge that

"Yes, we are working on this. The first to go out would be prompt-based consent and joining of the session (without end user having to enter key). Followed by full unattended assist. ETA is Q1, 2023."

The question was: "Is it foreseen to remove the need of sending a key to the user in order to allow seamless access for the admins?"

Neeraj, feel free to add more.

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JumpCloud Employee
JumpCloud Employee

@ncarmichael unattended assist remains on track for Q1 as @BeckyScott mentioned.

I wanted to understand if your servers Windows based or Linux based and what OS versions they are running. 

If Linux, do they have a graphical desktop installed?

we have few a command-line-only linux boxes that we don't need to touch, the machines we are interested in are all newer versions of Windows server hosted on Amazon AWS