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Random Lockouts

Novitiate III

We've been having repeated issues with people getting locked out of their computers, except they haven't been trying to login.  In most cases they've tried to log into their computer once or twice then they get a message saying they've been locked out - in some cases users weren't even trying to log into the computer.

Looking at the JSON file in Directory Insights, it states that the lockouts are coming from the computer.  However that's definitely not the case.

Has anyone else had these issues?


JumpCloud Alumni
JumpCloud Alumni

Due to the complexity of that situation and possible break/fix nature. I would reach out to support at

They would need to logfiles for those systems to help with this

Novitiate I

I'm getting locked out of my Linux Mint machine - first on a desktop PC - now on my work laptop. It's very annoying.