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Would like agent to support Kali

Novitiate I

I’m trying to do something hacky. I’m using JumpCloud to help manage a very small high school cybersecurity club in a school that’s socio-economically disadvantaged (Title 1). It’s all volunteer. I know jumphost doesn’t support Kali Linux, but given it’s a Debian variant, I’m hoping I can trick the installer script with the right variable values. I know this won’t be a supported installation; I really just need the ability to manage users’ passwords on (ancient) laptops that we’re giving to the kids. Kali makes the most sense because the tools the kids need to learn to use for National Cyber League competition are all pre-installed. Right now, though, playing directly with the curl command within the script, I’m getting a 403. Suggests to me a problem with the value I supplied for x-connect-key. Yet that connect key value embedded in my admin pane’s install script snippet worked to download the install script in the first place. 

Anyone try to do something like this?  Can someone explain why it definitely won't work?  My thought was to modify /etc/issue to spoof a Debian variant, and see if Kali was kernel-compatible enough to allow at least the Linux password management function of the agent to work.