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Password Manager - Who's using it?

Rising Star II

I have been testing Password Manager again to get a feel for its present state of development and how difficult it would be for our organization to switch to it. There are still some planned features we would likely need to wait for before we can do a full scale rollout, but in my testing, I found it to be rather cumbersome to use/organize, which I wasn't expecting.

So I'm curious if folks here have made the switch and would share a bit about how that went. If so, what were you using previously and what were your experiences around the migration to Password Manager? What challenges have you encountered and how have you overcome or worked around them? Overall, how are you, and your organization, liking it so far?


Novitiate I

What is cumbersome?  It is pretty darn good and fast.  We are using PasswordBoss, MyGlue/ITGlue, and a little Passportal out there.

This biggest issue we have run into is there are no built-in import for PasswordBoss and as an MSP we cannot sell just the password manager as a standalone product.

As you can tell we have had little success in migrating end users from previous password manager solutions and this is generally from the fact that the password manager vendors aren't into building any import/export for more MSP focused password manager platforms.

Rising Star II

In my testing, I imported a bunch of credentials and folders from LastPass. After doing so, I wanted to better organize them and discovered that if you are working within a folder, there is no capability to select and move/delete multiple items. You need to do one item at a time and that involves the following: Open the item, click edit, click on the folder dropdown and scroll to find the folder you want to put it in (this is manual with no keyboard entry or search capability to jump within that list), after selecting the target folder, click save to actually make the change. Then instead of staying in or going back to the folder you started in, it kicks you back out to the full list of all items. So then you have to find and click into the source folder again, select the next item, and repeat the process.

It appears the only place you can multi-select items and bulk move/delete them is from that full listing of all items. In my case, this was a list of nearly 300 items and the prospect of scrolling through that looking for the handful of items from a specific folder that I want to move to another one is not at all user friendly.

The interface itself is organized well, is pretty fast and otherwise is appealing, but attempting to do this sort of bulk clean up or organization given some of the current constraints is not user friendly.

There are other more important things that are preventing us from migrating over to Password Manager at the present time, but this didn't help. I have provided this feedback to JumpCloud and hopefully they will working on making this process easier in the future.

Rising Star II

Also, if you open a folder and select an item, it immediately jumps to that item but does so within the full item list, basically forgetting that you were accessing it from the folder. So you can't just close that item and remain in the folder you were in or select another item directly from within that same folder, because you are no longer working in it. You always end up in that full list of all items. Then you have to click on folders in the left navigation, find the specific folder again, click on it and then you can select another item from that folder.

This results in so many wasted clicks and time navigating back to where you wanted to be. Is it a few seconds each time, sure... But that just seems completely unnecessary and counter-intuitive to way one would expect it to work. Or maybe that's just me and my expectations are too high.  haha

Rising Star II

I was suprised given jumpclouds stated aim that the passwords manager didn't have silent managed installs and it all had to be done manually.

I also found it required a lot more interaction with than lastpass

I was disappointed that when I raised the issue about installation it wasn't taken seriously which makes me think as a product its not ready yet which is suprising given the amount of advertising I am getting pushed at me for it in youtube and a saleman wanting to call me before I'd even finished installing it!

Novitiate II

We are trying it out. The most frustrating thing I've encountered is the inability to turn off autofill in Chrome on Mac devices. I have put this in as a feature request, but I have to wait... I know it's available with Windows, but Chrome for Mac is a no-go yet. There is, however, a policy for Safari (which no one uses). But overall, I like it and I think it's going to be a great product!