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Novitiate I

I recently discovered I may have done everything backwards. I will be migrating our users from AD to Jumpcloud and already created the accounts and installed the agent on machines. Can I still run the ADMU and continue migration or should I delete everything and start over? Everyone is still on AD so it's not a problem to re-add users and devices in Jumpcloud although I have connected our Microsoft and Google directories. TYIA!


JumpCloud Alumni
JumpCloud Alumni

The ADMU is intended to do all of that for you. Migrate the user and their data, install agent and then create a local user account. I would read from THIS down. 

When you enter in the local account information and password, it will attempt to find the JC user and map it to the machine. From my understanding this will still work on existing JC Managed profiles. 

Thanks Ben! I think I'll give it a try on one of my machines and see what happens lol. My biggest issue is I will have to migrate 1 account because they were in the habit of using shared accounts.

Any update? 🙂