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What's the general process to install applications?

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I'm new to Jumpcloud, trying to get up to speed with the MDM features. I have with some familiarity with other MDMs, primarily JAMF. How do you go about deploying Mac applications, specifically those larger than 500MB (since they can't be larger than that for any you deploy through Software Management? Are you using Commands with a package hosted somewhere in the cloud and a script to handle the installation? If so, I would love some recommendations on how to set up that cloud repo. If you know of any good resources to get up to speed building install scripts, I would very much appreciate that too.

Many thanks!


JumpCloud Alumni
JumpCloud Alumni

The preferred way is through VPP. This does require ABM and to have MDM enrollment. But VPP would be the best. 

For applications that are not in VPP or if you don't have ABM you can simply install an application from a publicly accessible URL. This could be a self hosted repo in S3 or in some cases, you can download and install directly from the vendor. So long as it's digitally signed. 

If you have applications that are above 500MB.. Then you will likely need to use commands to download and install the application. 

CHeck out the Crowdstrike installation script. You could repurpose it to install other applications as well 🙂


Thanks Ben. Making progress... We have several larger than 500mb applications that aren't in VPP, including a 9GB Adobe package. Not wanting to saturate my Internet connection, I've set up a SAN on my network with a web interface to host them and successfully run a few installations from it using commands. I'm running into problems with larger files (the curl command just creates a 200 byte file with the right name and then quits. I think it's because curl loads files into memory before it writes to disk, and there isn't enough memory available - does anyone have any insight on how to deal with this? Is there an alternative to curl for downloading the pkg files?


What is the exact CURL command you're using? I wonder, is there a redirect involved and you don't have the -L flag?

Edit. Ooh. Just noticed the date on this. Holy necropost.....