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Apple Updating Terms & Conditions in Apple Business Manager on July 27th

Rising Star II
Rising Star II

Periodically, Apple has to update the terms & conditions for various Apple Business Manager services. When this happens, Apple prevents syncing of new information from Apple Business Manager to any Device Managers, like JumpCloud, until the new terms & conditions are accepted by an Apple Business Manager user with appropriate privileges.

Apple has announced that next Thursday, July 27th, they will update the Volume Content Terms in Apple Business Manager. If you do not login and accept the new terms, no new devices will be added to JumpCloud, and no new Volume Purchase Programs apps will be added to JumpCloud until you do.

Please make sure to set a reminder to login on the 27th or 28th to accept these new terms in order to keep everything smoothly communicating with Apple.

I am posting a copy of the warning that Apple has released right after this:

Screenshot 2023-07-20 at 9.27.09 AM.png