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Is a Promotion Right For Me?

A long time ago in a land far, far away I had this vision of being at the top of the corporate ladder. Because I’m always truthful with you, dear readers, I honestly thought that a person worked hard...


Making The Plan

During the recent run of the Tate Talks podcast (Shameless plug - check it out here or your favorite podcast place) one theme kept recurring. Well, two, but we won’t be talking about the amateur hosti...


MSP Services Pricing

One of the most common questions I get asked when speaking with MSPs is around pricing and packaging of the services they offer. It’s a great question that generates a lot of different opinions. Mo...


How Much Is 5 Minutes Worth?

Making The Complex Look Easy There’s an old adage I used to reference a lot when potential clients would balk at the price of my services, and it goes like this: A manufacturer’s main production machi...


Staying Relevant

There’s nothing like a good gobsmack moment to make you question everything about your life. Let me explain by way of example: 1990 was >30 years ago. No, really, it was. But our brains think:  ...

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