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PowerShell for Mac Admins

Part 1 Yes, you read that right. This is the first in what will be an ongoing series on the topic of PowerShell on macOS. Stick around and follow along if you are already a Mac admin, looking to expan...


PowerShell for the Mac Admin - Part 2: Grand Tour

Before we dive into writing and debugging our own scripts with PowerShell and VSCode, I thought it might be helpful to examine a few of the ways in which PowerShell and bash differ, and where your pre...


Creating a Disaster Avoidance Plan

Back in 1985, Ferris had no idea how true it was when he said, “Life moves pretty fast.” Especially in the world of IT. Technology that was amazing yesterday is outdated today. What we did before the...


Radical Admin’s Grand Opening

Welcome to the grand opening of the new Radical Admin Blog, a new addition to the JumpCloud Community! “Radical Admin Blog? Why, Pam, how did you come up with that name?” you ask.  Great question, gla...

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