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How Much Is 5 Minutes Worth?

Making The Complex Look Easy There’s an old adage I used to reference a lot when potential clients would balk at the price of my services, and it goes like this: A manufacturer’s main production machi...


Staying Relevant

There’s nothing like a good gobsmack moment to make you question everything about your life. Let me explain by way of example: 1990 was >30 years ago. No, really, it was. But our brains think:  ...


Do I Have Imposter Syndrome?

Do I really know as much as they think I know?  Maya Angelou, Michelle Obama, Tom Hanks, me - what do all these people have in common? That feeling that says, “I’m a fake.” It is the impending f...


Convincing Others that Security is Important

I live in Chicago. For 5 months out of the year, if I want to go outside I have to give myself an extra 5-7 minutes to add all the extra protection from the cold that I need to be comfortable (and eve...


Radical Admin’s Grand Opening

Welcome to the grand opening of the new Radical Admin Blog, a new addition to the JumpCloud Community! “Radical Admin Blog? Why, Pam, how did you come up with that name?” you ask.  Great question, gla...

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