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Kaseya DattoCon EMEA

Rising Star III
Rising Star III


Last week, I attended Kaseya's flagship European event, Kaseya DattoCon EMEA, in the beautiful city of Dublin. Reflecting on the event, I was thrilled to be back for what I believe was my 15th DattoCon event. It was particularly special as it marked the first in-person gathering since the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing me to reconnect with familiar faces.

The event commenced with an incredible party that provided vendors, including JumpCloud, with the opportunity to engage with MSPs in a relaxed and informative setting. This informal interaction proved to be invaluable in establishing meaningful connections and exchanging insights.

The main event featured a stellar lineup of keynote speakers who shared their expertise and experiences. From industry leaders to technology experts, each speaker offered valuable insights into the ever-evolving landscape of managed services and the associated challenges and opportunities.

Interactive sessions and panels were a significant highlight of the DattoCon event, enabling attendees to engage in discussions on various topics such as cybersecurity, cloud computing, and customer experience. These sessions fostered meaningful dialogue among MSPs, allowing them to share best practices and gain new perspectives.

The expo hall, bustling with vendors and MSPs, provided a comprehensive overview of the latest products and services in the industry. It was a hub of innovation, allowing attendees to explore cutting-edge solutions and witness firsthand the advancements shaping the future of managed services.

Kaseya DattoCon EMEA emphasized the importance of collaboration within the MSP community. The event served as a platform for like-minded professionals to build relationships and strengthen the collective knowledge of the industry.

One of the most prominent topics of discussion, both at the event and on the JumpCloud booth, was the ongoing challenge of staff recruitment. MSPs continue to face difficulties in attracting and retaining skilled professionals in a rapidly evolving industry. Conversations revolved around strategies for talent acquisition and development, leveraging certifications and industry initiatives, and the role of automation and AI in enhancing efficiency and addressing the skills gap. The collective recognition of this issue highlighted the industry's commitment to finding innovative solutions and nurturing the next generation of MSP professionals.

With my 15th DattoCon event behind me, I am already looking forward to attending my 16th and beyond. I encourage MSPs to do the same and hopefully see you there.


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