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November ’23 JumpShot: Product Edition

Iron II
Iron II

November ’23 JumpShot Product Edition

Modern authentication helps to reduce MFA fatigue, and most importantly, eliminates passwords that can become compromised. JumpCloud has launched JumpCloud Go, a hardware-bound, phishing resistant credential that works across different operating systems to simplify that experience for admins and end-users. We’re also making it easier to onboard new users with self-service provisioning for macOS and Windows devices. Active Directory Integration has been enhanced to allow for pass-through authentication. Agents can also now be installed on member servers instead of domain controllers when JumpCloud is the IdP.

Here’s what’s new this month.

New Release

JumpCloud Go™ | Phishing-Resistant Passwordless Login


The repeated need to log in and use MFA to work wears on end users, leading to unsafe habits that jeopardize security standards and make it challenging to find the right balance of robust security and usability. 

JumpCloud Go is the latest development that delivers integrated, cross-platform, phishing-resistant, and hardware-backed authentication that verifies a managed user on a managed device to enable secure, frictionless access to all resources.

JumpCloud Go is available TODAY for all JumpCloud orgs. 

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Enhanced Functionality

Self-Service Account Provisioning


Self-Service Account Provisioning lets users bind their JumpCloud account to managed macOS and Windows devices directly from the login window. This feature also enables the new macOS login window with wireless connectivity controls.

With reduced times and resources now needed to configure devices, onboarding new users just got that much easier. Plus, self-service account provisioning supports federated user identities when accessing JumpCloud-managed devices, so you can enhance your onboarding workflow no matter what IdP you currently have. 

Learn How To Activate Self-Service Account Provisioning


JumpCloud’s Active Directory Integration (ADI)


The latest version of Active Directory Integration (ADI) is now available in both the sync agent (v4.5.0) and import agent (v2.2.0). With this release JumpCloud admins can now install agents on member servers when JumpCloud is the sole password authority, install just the sync agent which enables JumpCloud to be the user, group, and password authority for AD, and create groups from JumpCloud directly.

In addition, admins will now have a more guided flow for configuring a new ADI domain integration when using this utility.

Get Started With Active Directory Integration (ADI) 


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JumpCloud’s Q4 2023 Product Roadmap


2023 is almost over, but we’re still adding capabilities to make JumpCloud more flexible, secure, and user-friendly. Join us live on November 14 at noon ET to learn about the full set of features we plan to deliver before 2024 to help you improve your IT efficiency and deepen your security practices as the year comes to a close.

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