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Software Management Options

Novitiate I

Hi there,

Just curious how folks are finding the software management side of JumpCloud and how they're deploying software to their fleet. I find the software management side of things very lacking coming from Microsoft Intune and Mosyle.

My biggest gripes at the moment is that there is no native CDN to upload custom packages, there is no self-service portal, and the current options built into the Software Management tab is limited to only Chocolatey and direct links to signed PKGs.

We currently run scripts to install our macOS software, but I've just taken a look at Installomator which also looks great. On the Windows side, we're using Chocolatey with the community repo as a short term solution. We'll probably end up setting up our own repo once we get our Google Cloud platform set up since I'm not sure what is on the roadmap.

Anyone have ideas on a self-service portal suggestion that's platform agnostic? I've previously setup a local Munki repo back when everyone was working in the office and it was great, but that's macOS only. 



Novitiate I

Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a good "platform agnostic" solution for self service.  For macOS we are in the process of moving our munki repo into S3 using the built in middleware feature of munki.  Testing has gone well and seems to be the best option for our needs.  On the windows side, I have a plan to test Gorilla (a munki inspired tool for windows)  But we only service 10 windows computers so it might not be worth the effort and we will just stick with chocolatey.  The lack of self service has been a challenge.  But it's been replace with having a link to a selection of google forms for people to request actions we can take for them.  Not self service, but a work around.