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Android EMM - Current Solution & Features

Rising Star I
Rising Star I

For those of you who are interested in or are currently using an Android EMM solution, I’m interested to find out:

  1. The MDM/EMM vendor that you are using or evaluating to manage your Android devices.
  2. What feature(s) do you like from the MDM/EMM vendor? What features are lacking or need improvement? 
  3. Android offers a range of diverse use cases. Can you share some of your use cases?

Appreciate any feedback/thoughts/comments that you might have!

EA for JumpCloud Android EMM
JumpCloud Android EMM will be opening for early access (EA) in the coming weeks. If you are interested in getting on the EA list to help test and provide feedback on the solution, please email with the following information:

1. Org ID
2. Company name
3.  Your name and email

 You will receive a welcome email from the Product Manager when the EA is opened.

Tagging some of you here as I would love to hear your thoughts if this topic is applicable to you: 
@NVergin @CFaust @kelly @rlyons  @lmcfadden @archery1998@TRK   @jaggrey




Novitiate III

We do not have an Android EMM today, but we want to distribute applications from the Google Playstore and enforce security such as pin code requirement, wifi configuration, and App/OS updates. 

Thank you for your feedback @krichard! Please consider signing up for the upcoming EA for Android EM and test the features in areas such as device security, app management, account management, etc.  


Thanks. Doing it right now.

Novitiate III

We require EMM for a few reasons. 

Device trust certificates on mobile. Right now this not working on IOS and Android is a blocker for us to enabling device certificate protections. We can get part of the way there with our google workspace subscription, but we have no way to get trust certificates. 

Better integration with the Jumpcloud environment, I could see Jumpcloud hopefully being able to provide a really good expierence as well as using android's "work" mode to allow employees to "turn off" work mode as well as meet requirements for "non work hours" that were laid out from our provincial parties. 

Having this in a single pane of glass is hopefully going to be a real nice win

Thank you for your feedback @bwitzig_Zen! Will pass along your comments about device trust certificate to our Product team.

Work Profile is definitely something we will provide for our Android EMM solution so that you can support both BYOD and COD environments.  So do stay tuned!


Novitiate I

1. we are using google MDM

2. we mainly lack an OS patch management system for android \ iOS devices.

3. Both company owned devices for research and BYOD for protecting the company's data.

we enrolled for the early access through our sales representative, thank you!

Thank you for your feedback @Tomer! Happy to hear that your company has enrolled in our EA program. Looking forward to receiving the feedback once your team has tested our solution. 


JumpCloud Employee
JumpCloud Employee