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I assure you, whatever the topic is, this is OFF that topic. ο˜‰In the chat on The IT Hour recently, the subject of movies came up. Mostly in the context of "If you watch these movies from the 80s @urvashi, your coworkers will make a lot more sense." I...
Earlier today on The IT Hour, there was a discussion about someone (cough @rlyons cough) making a scorpion out of binder clips. Then @urvashi said she knew someone who made a chainmail shirt and matching hat out of paperclips. I called it Creative Us...
(Context: I work at an MSP, so this is not just a question for my own instance, I manage many of both of these.)Today on the IT Hour, there was a good chat about security practices (thanks Nicole!) and I was wondering if anyone had a good resource fo...