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Is The JumpCloud Agent Not Deployable Via Command?

Novitiate II

We have been manually adding devices via the Devices + Mac > Install Via MDM Enrollment > Download MDM Enrollment Profile.

This process does not seem to install the JC Agent.

The question is: Do we need the JC agent for a full-featured experience? If so, why doesn't JC have a Command Template for this?

I'm asking because it seems like most of our other devices have the JC agent, but for the latest one. I cannot recall how we got the JC agent on there to begin with.


Novitiate I

If you are talking about MAC devices. When you add the profile to your MAC, you need to go to your setting and click profiles and install. From there you will have the agents on the system. However I am still working out a service account issue on my test mac systems.