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PowerShell - Bookmark Bulk Importer Script

Rising Star III
Rising Star III

Hi folks

Sorry, I've been a little absent here and haven't posted a new script recently. But here we go again. 
Today I'm sharing a short script which allows you to quickly populate bookmarks on the JumpCloud User Console. 

This script imports a CSV file containing a list of bookmarks and creates these bookmarks in JumpCloud using the JumpCloud PowerShell SDK. 
Each bookmark is then presented in the UserConsole.


- Imports a CSV file named 'bookmarks.csv' with headers 'Name' and 'Url'.
- Iterates through each line of the CSV, reading the bookmark name and URL.
- Creates a new bookmark in JumpCloud with the read information.
- Outputs the name and URL of each bookmark to the console for debugging purposes.

- Requires you to have the JumpCloud PowerShell Module installed.
- Requires you to have a CSV file with headers 'Name' and 'Url' in the same directory as this script.
- Requires you to have a JumpCloud API and the JumpCloud ORG ID. You will be prompted for these two during execution.

[JumpCloud PowerShell SDK](

Post execution you shall see the output similar to this:


You can find this script, just like all others, on my GitHub-repo

Thanks for reading!
- Juergen