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Bulk Update the Apple VPPs in your org

Rising Star III
Rising Star III

Hi folks,

Another Friday, another post 😉 - I'm sharing a way to bulk update the VPPs in your org. 

Let's go straight to the point.

Enable The AutoUpdate - NOT Viable atm!

Sorry for the confusion the earlier - after a thorough test based on the feedback received, unfortunately AutoUpdate simply is NOT available for Apple_VPP. The only viable option is to use the method below for app updates. 




Bulk Update the VPPs Via RetryInstallation


The full script can be found here. And this is the actual API endpoint I'm leveraging.

Simply call out the usage guide from above:

# Example use cases 
# Use this to trigger a retry installation to all VPPs in your ORG"
retryInstallation -all:$true

# This will trigger a retry installation on all systems bind to a specific app
retryInstallation -softwareAppID "softwareApp_ID" # You can get the ID from get-jcsdkSoftwareApp 

 That's it, and as always, let me know how it goes 😀.

Thanks for reading, happy Friday.

(special thanks to @BrightRodger for inspiring me on this idea.) 






Novitiate III

Thank you for the detail on the API and how to script for various scenarios. A couple of questions.

  1. Are Apple VPP apps not set to autoupdate by default in JumpCloud?
  2. How often do you run the retry script?
  3. How are you using this in the day to day administration of endpoints?

Glad you like it @krichard 😉

1. Nope, they are not set to autoupdate by default.

2. if you have enabled autoupdate, retry will be optional moving forward; if not, i would personally suggest don't run the retry more often than bi-weekly  (especially org wide for all apps - it multiplies by the amount of VPPs with the devices bind to each of the app) - likely monthly will suffice.

3. I would suggest turn on autoupdate for VPPs then let AppStore takes care of the app updates - just need to run the script once, you can explicitly exclude any apps that needs to stay on a certain version though. 

Novitiate II

Not Sure why, but this command caused double/triple entries of each app in the console:

Slack for Desktop is NOT auto updating, fixing...
Slack for Desktop 648cc432b2b11d293fa93515 has set to True
Slack for Desktop is NOT auto updating, fixing...
Slack for Desktop 609d4196aaae85489d8a9dcf has set to True

it does returned 2 different app IDs: 

  • Slack for Desktop 648cc432b2b11d293fa93515
  • Slack for Desktop 609d4196aaae85489d8a9dcf

as the name suggests, are they VPPs?

Novitiate II

Here is a screen Shot, 

The orphaned entries cause this error when opening:
Unable to retrieve managed software data. Please refresh the page and try again.
The original entries no longer show the Bindings to groups ( but appear to still work) and the status shows blank. Yikes. 



yep, sorry for that... it was a bug in my script basically didn't put in the whole settings when calling a PUT - it will create a duplicated record with the same system association ... our engineering team is working on a fix atm.

and... unfortunately AutoUpdate is not available for apple VPPs.... 

Okay. Thanks for owning this. When do you think this will be fixed.  It screwed up my software management.  

No ETA yet - will update here🙏