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PowerShell - `Get-JCSystemStatistics.ps1`: a script to debug potential issues in the field

Rising Star II
Rising Star II

Hi Folks

I'm back after a break (traveling across 🇪🇺🇳🇱🇩🇪🇨🇿🇵🇱🇺🇦).

Came across a question earlier if JumpCloud could be used as some kind of monitoring solution to determine if multiple computers are down or even a location - for some reason. 
So I wrapped my head around this for a bit and came up with an experimental script just using `Get-JCSystem` as a starter. 
It pulls all systems, pings the RemoteIP (public egress), does some more/less fancy hash tables and then outputs them (not so pretty, but kinda useful):
1) Total count of systems and online vs offline
2) Systems which haven't connected for 7 days (you can tweak that)
- a high number here could indicate issues for various reasons
3) System count per RemoteIP and if the RemoteIP is reachable (if pings are allowed)
- this could indicate if there are issues with certain locations only or if it's rather widespread
4) Agent version and online vs offline
- this could indicate if there's a potential problem with specific agent versions
5) Architecture and online vs offline
- this could indicate if there's a potential problem with specific architecture
6) OS and online vs offline
- or with a specific OS (not broken down by version at the moment)
7) Timezones and online vs offline
- this could indicate if there are potential issues with a region/timezone


Certainly, this is a lightweight approach as of now, but I'd would be interested it's useful in general and if enhancements of any kind would be appreciated. 

Script can be found as usual on my Github repo here.


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