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Time: a Social Construct? (Part 3 of 3)

The Employee Perspective on the Time Perspective In Part 1 of this Perspectives of Time series we discussed what time feels like and how its impact is different from person to person and moment to mom...


Time: a Social Construct? Part 2

How Time Perception Affects Business In Part 1 of this Perspectives of Time series we discussed what time feels like and how its impact is different from person to person and moment to moment, depend...


Figuring Out Client Profitability

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are businesses and, as such, they need to be profitable to thrive and grow. It’s not always easy to stay in the black. Are you focusing your valuable time and effort ...


Community Activity

The IT Hour | 02.June.2023 Customer Case Study: Irrimax

Customer Case Study: Irrimax Thanks to the IT team at Irrimax, David Meyer and Chavarous Kennebrew, for joining JumpCloud CEO Rajat Bhargava on today's show to talk about their IT journey. Community Update: Script: macOS - Powershell Bulk Importer f...

Ubuntu Samba server /etc/group not updating

We have recently migrated identity management for our company to JumpCloud. We have an Ubuntu 22.04 server with Samba shares that has stopped updating the groups in /etc/group. Changes made in JumpCloud admin (adding users to groups and adding sudo t...

LAPS for Windows aka "JC miniLAPS"

+++ This is a ReleaseCandidate (RC) version of JC-miniLAPS +++Version: RC 1.0Why is it called 'JC-miniLAPS'?- The aim was to create a similar capability to Microsoft's LAPS for Windows-devices while not having the requirements in place. - Instead, th...

IT Hour | 19.May. 2023 Android EMM

Community Update Question: JumpCloud logs to SentinelOne XDRLink to community: https://bit.ly/jcitcmtyLink to slack lounge: https://bit.ly/3BBKow4 Meetups Update Thanks to everyone who came out this week to the Raleigh meetup! The next event in this...

JumpCloud logs to SentinelOne XDR

We use SentinelOne EDR and I just found out that we have XDR data ingestion with our plan, but are not using.  We can send pretty much any types of logs (so they say ...) to the XDR. Has anyone been sending their JumpCloud logs to SentinelOne XDR?   ...

SlimJim by Novitiate I
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Software Management Options

Hi there,Just curious how folks are finding the software management side of JumpCloud and how they're deploying software to their fleet. I find the software management side of things very lacking coming from Microsoft Intune and Mosyle.My biggest gri...

Password writeback/sync issues

I inherited a JumpCloud MDM and the #1 complaint from users is that resetting their password in JC does not sync it everywhere. We have two directory integrations, MS365 and on-prem AD. The on-prem AD integration seems to be broken, as my none of the...

koakd by Novitiate I
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New JCU Course is live! JumpCloud Password Manager

  JumpCloud Password Manager    course is now live in JumpCloud University!        In this course you'll learn: Advantages and key features of JumpCloud Password ManagerHow to install, enroll, and navigate the JumpCloud Password Manager on all device...

NStubbs by JumpCloud Employee
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Password manager issues and thoughts

Just started to use this product, a couple things I have noticed, Using Windows 10 pro and chrome - With chrome extension installed it works great for passwords and card details, but auto-fill for addresses dosent work in my testing. - If the passwor...

Screenshot 2023-05-15 at 11.02.54 AM.png

IT Hour | 12.May.2023 Remote Silent Assist

Community Update JCU: New JCU Course is live! JumpCloud Password ManagerBest practice: Setup Kiosk Mode On Windows 10/11Question: Software Management OptionsBlog: Getting That RecognitionBlog: Managing User Onboarding and Offboarding as an MSPSecuri...

Setup Kiosk Mode On Windows 10/11

Hey folks, It's been a while and finally I got a little breathing room to share my Friday joy (again) . Kiosk Mode on Windows - on a large scale? and you looking for a way to do it without paying for Intune?   This post will get you covered, please r...

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shawnsong by Rising Star I
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Android EMM - Current Solution & Features

For those of you who are interested in or are currently using an Android EMM solution, I’m interested to find out: The MDM/EMM vendor that you are using or evaluating to manage your Android devices.What feature(s) do you like from the MDM/EMM vendor?...

JumpCloud Android EMM is now available!

I’m pleased to announce the general availability (GA) of JumpCloud Android EMM! JumpCloud Android EMM enables IT admins and MSPs to securely select, deploy, and manage Android devices and services throughout their environment. It increases their visi...

Screenshot 2023-05-10 at 3.19.03 PM.png image-20230508-184535.png image-20230508-184630.png image-20230509-183252.png

Disabling "Optimizing Your Mac"

We are seeing growing interest to remove the MacOS "Optimizing Your Mac" notifications.Having Google'd I don't see where this is handled, or what policy it relates to.Any ideas?

chrisati by Novitiate II
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Upgrade Ubuntu to Lunar Lobster

Just a quick blurb: We're posted a helpful tutorial on how to upgrade Ubuntu to Lunar Lobster. The upgrade path is Ubuntu 22.04 to Ubuntu 23.04. Lunar Lobster is more productive, easier to manage, and optimized for gaming. I made a video to help w/ t...

JCDavid by Rising Star III
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Resolved! Enabling Jumpcloud SSO for Microsoft 365

Has anyone made this change? it seems like a big one and I'm not sure if it should be done or not.I'm happy with Jumpcloud and it's pretty heavily configured now but I'm not sure if piping everything through Jumpcloud is going to be good. Has anyone ...

Jhii by Novitiate II
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