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MacBook Air "Worrying" PC Laptop Makers

Iron II
Iron II

PC makers are concerned that Apple's M2 architecture may dent their laptop sales. This type of post could be fodder for the perennial Mac versus PC argle-bargle, but I don't believe that's the correct way to interpret it. Consumer choice is a good thing; competition is healthy for the marketplace. Having an open directory platform (MDM in the case of Apple) to unify and manage all of your devices make it possible to deploy the best fit of equipment for your workforce. Disruption spawns innovation.


Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

An Air that might finally be useful to heavy users. It never was before but now it truly has potential.

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Novitiate II

We have multiple M1 Air's deployed (16 gig models), and we will certainly use the M2 Air for future upgrades. We have some heavy power users on them, including a graphic designer and a few analysts that make Excel do some stuff it was never intended to. All while hooked to 5120x1440 49 inch ultrawides. I've yet to have a complaint and I've never noticed them slow down, while we have two of the maxed out Intel Macbook Pros from the year before that I want to chuck out a window every time I use them.

We also have some maxed out XPS 15's for the Windows users that are newer than the M1 Airs, and I'd take the Air over them any day.

I was honestly not certain about deploying Mac's when we were asked - but we had JumpCloud so I dove into the rabbit hole of business manager, MDM and got a rep from Apple. Something extremely nice about ordering a laptop, having it shipped to the user directly and they just login and start working.

In my case I've got a custom desktop PC with a 5950x (Linux and Windows) and a 14 inch M1 Pro MBP, don't notice any real speed difference between them, everything is generally instant across all three OS's, but I do have to say..when it comes to a laptop, I wouldn't consider anything on the market other than the Apple Silicon laptops. It's really hard to beat the balance of performance/portability/battery life... and Parallels runs Windows (ARM) and Linux perfectly fine.

Of course..when it comes to desktop computers...lets just say..I don't see RGB liquid cooled Mac I don't see buying one anytime soon.


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