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M365 Login Window Flashing up After User Sync

Novitiate II

I have a user who I just synced up to M365/Azure and throughout the day, a window the size of the M365 login window flashes up quickly then goes away. This is on a Mac Running Ventura 13.2.1. I have considered uninstalling the app and reinstalling, but I'm not sure how the user will take that. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have asked her to try to grab a screenshot if she can when it happens again. I will update this post if I get one. Thank you in advance.


Rising Star III

It could be one of the MS apps re-authenticating. I had an issue where Outlook would do this daily, and sometimes force me to do an SSO login. What was real nice was when it would do that at like, 9pm, and when I'd get in the next morning, the login would be there and after you logged in, it would load into the small HTML window it was using for SSO.

I didn't do anything, it stopped on it's own. So I wonder if you're seeing a similar glitch?