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Iron II
Iron II

My old company used Spiceworks, which was getting long in the tooth. We had to maintain the server too. I've taken a look at the "magic quadrant", but colleagues told me that they've seen "really bad implementations" of some of the leading services. We're talking bad ERP implementation level messiness. What do you use? How did you ensure that deployments went smoothly?


Novitiate II

I interested in this conversation. We recently started using FreshService and it is a little too rigid for my liking. Would like to switch to Jira Service Desk because we use Jira Software and Confluence at my company but configuration is a complete nightmare. I mainly need a smooth New Employee setup process. 

Novitiate III

Have been using Kayako on prem, Kayako cloud, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Service Now among others in the past but nothing come close to what we are using now. Jira service Management with Halp ( integration. 99% of all Heldesk tickets come thru slack and we never have to leave slack to manage all tickets or requests. All is synced two way to JSM if anyone prefeer to work from there and also for some good stats monitoring. First time in 15 years I have been working with a ticket system that actually helps both the users and admins without feeling like a slow monster in the background.

I have been considering this solution since I have used Halp in the past. Curious how you intake new user/equipment requests? Halp Forms? Jira Forms? Other?

New users I have let the creation to HR thru this: Google Form Onboarding

I just set user groups and send the invitations when new user is created. 

Equipment I use forms in Jira Service Management with approval flow from head of department atm but im looking to automate this as well thru google forms mostly for the fun of it. 

Novitiate III

Regarding "New Employee setup process" I just finished some google scripting to automate the onboarding thru Google Forms and Jumpcloud API to automate the hole process when HR is adding a new user thru the form. I will share the setup and code within a few days when I have been testing it a little bit more live.

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

You can tag your content Google Form to automate user creation. 

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