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Is it possible to script this?

Novitiate I

Hi all,

I want end users to be able to trigger a JumpCloud command, and in doing so passing their Mac's JumpCloud device name, so it can be used in the command.

User does something -> JumpCloud command runs using the user's device name who triggered it

Any ideas how I can achieve this please?


Rising Star III

 I don't know if this will work in your case, but can't you give them access as a command runner in their Jumpcloud console? TBH, I've not used this, so I don't know if those show up in a standard user console or just the admin one.

It does make me think though, you can make commands that can be triggered via webhook in the JC console, so perhaps a local script that calls via the webhook and launches the script from Jumpcloud's side?

thanks, i'll look into the Command Runner