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Does Azure Federation with JumpCloud is possible

Novitiate I

Hi Community,

I have a scenario that I would like to know if JC can address. 

Company uses Google Workspace and has 40 E3 licenses that are used by a small group of users.
As for now, they have configured federation with GWS & Azure, but the problem is that for accessing Microsoft apps it's working only online (Teams, etc) however, for the local apps the token is not passing correctly and users can't access the local Microsoft apps, it's giving an error that they don't have access.

Now my question is if the JC federation can pass this token in order to access the local apps.



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Community Manager

Hi @ZmiraMefei let me check on this and get back to you. 

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @ZmiraMefei I believe that we should be able to login to local apps using JumpCloud Federation. If you're not able to do that it'll be best to check with support. They can run some diagnostics and figure out what's missing. 

Rising Star I

@ZmiraMefei i would work work with Support per @urvashi's suggestion.  But a few things that I noticed with some of my MSP JC/365 clients when taking over their IT Stack.

- If they had 365 for awhile, and didn't have modern authentication forced (in 365 settings).  Then JC SSO/Federation worked fine on the website via SP initiated or IDP initiated SSO login, but didn't for desktop apps like Outlook (email setup AND app licensing sign in), Word/Excel (app licensing sign in).  The fix was to properly setup modern authentication, etc in 365.

- Also if you are using Conditional Access and these are mac computers.  Sometimes I noticed that if you have the user/device in a specific conditional access policy in JC for Trusted Devices etc.  That sometimes the conditional access/trust certificate won't apply properly and it blocks login on the app sign in window in 365.  This hasn't been the case for 1-2 years for us, but it was an intermittent issue (mainly on our mac devices) for awhile.

Thanks @rjordan and @urvashi for your response, I will definitely address this with the support as well.

@rjordan Modern authentication was already enabled. when you say 'properly setup' are there any special settings to adjust there?