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Crowdstrike Custom SAML app not (fully) working

Novitiate I

Hi everyone, 

I've been trying to implement Crowdstrike's SSO following the documentation that can be found in Crowdstrike's portal, and it somewhat-works. Here's what I mean:

After following the steps, when clicking on the app, I get re-directed to Crowdstrike's login page, but there I only need to enter my email address to login - it doesn't ask for a password or MFA. So essentially, it half-works. 

I've tried setting up SP attributes and constant attributes but none of these seem to do the trick. 

Has anyone encountered this in the past, or has any suggestions how to sort this out?


P.S Sorry if this isn't the correct place to post, I'm a first-timer here.


Novitiate III

@YaronHazut This is a limitation on the Crowdstrike end at this time.