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Product Updates: Patch Management macOS policy employee experience enhancements

JumpCloud Employee
JumpCloud Employee

👋🏻 I am back to share two exciting employee experience updates for our macOS patch management policies. These updates are designed to reduce end user confusion and increase updates adoption for macOS patch management. 

Important note: These updates will only take effect for new macOS patch policies created after 7/15/22 or existing macOS patch policies that have been modified after 7/15/22. 

A quick, two click, modification that can be made to an existing policy is adding a ' ! ' character to the end of the update notification message (or making any change to the "Update Notification Message"). 


We recognize that is is a pain to have to modify policies to receive incremental update to them and are actively working to make this workflow a thing of the past so future enhancements to policies can be done without admin intervention. 

Org Logo Included In Update Notification

Background:  We have heard a ton of feedback that while the new macOS Patch Management policies are increasing update adoption they are also creating some confusion for end users. The notifications triggered by the policies display the JumpCloud logo which does not resonate with all end users.

Job to be doneAs a JumpCloud admin I would like the notifications enforcing  OS updates to include my organization's logo so end users trust that the notifications are legitimate.

Solution: If an organization logo is uploaded within "Settings -> Customize Logo" then this logo will replace the JumpCloud logo in the update notification. 


Note to replace an exiting logo the current logo must be removed before the new logo us uploaded. 

Alerting Behavior Differences When Major OS Update Available

Background: JumpCloud macOS patch management is designed to allow admins to enforce updates and keep devices up to date with the latest minor version available for their major OS. Users not running the latest major macOS version require additional information during the update process to ensure they know how to upgrade to the correct version.

Job to be doneAs a Jumpcloud admin I want my users to be presented with the correct steps so they have the appropriate permissions to complete when they are asked to complete an OS update

Solution: End users will now see different updates notifications and instructions depending on if they are running the latest macOS version. 

Update notification when running the latest macOS version (macOS Monterey)


When a device is running the latest macOS major OS version then the notification drives users to update their devices using the native flow via system preferences.

Update notification when major macOS update available (macOS Big Sur) 


When a device is not running the latest macOS major version then the notifications presented to end users provide additional information to drive them to update to the latest version for their supported operating system  via "More info..." and informs then not to begin the major upgrade.

This notification update will be extremely helpful for scenarios where end users do not have admin permissions as minor updates do not require admin permissions while major upgrades do.

Learn more about these new updates and how to take advantage of them in the linked KBs 🚀

Create a MacOS Patch Policy

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