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New version of Active Directory Integration (ADI) is here

JumpCloud Employee
JumpCloud Employee

The JumpCloud Active Directory Integration (ADI) provides even more flexibility and control for organizations who are about to start or are already on the journey to modernize AD. With this release:

  1. You can install the ADI agents on either Domain Controllers (DCs) or member servers. This provides more flexibility and choice when syncing data one-way from JumpCloud to AD and syncing data bi-directionally between JumpCloud and AD when passwords are managed in JumpCloud.

  2. You can now install the AD sync agent without the AD import agent, enabling JumpCloud to be the authority for users, groups, and passwords in AD via a one-way sync from JumpCloud.

  3. You can update the AD sync and AD import agents. The installation wizard detects the existing version and performs an update. No more uninstall and reinstall needed to update to the latest version.

  4. When adding a new ADI domain integration in the JumpCloud Admin Portal, you have a more guided experience.  You are directed to download the necessary agent(s) based on your use case and where you want to manage users, groups, and passwords.


  5. New help center articles with step-by-step instructions for each use case configuration have been published

The changes don't stop there.  We made security enhancements, UI improvements, quality of life improvements, bug fixes, and added DI events.  You can find all the details about this release in the ADI specific release notes

To learn more about the ADI, review Get Started: Active Directory Integration (ADI) and