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June ’23 JumpShot: Product Edition

Iron II
Iron II

June ’23 JumpShot: Product Edition


JumpCloud is delivering continuous improvement to how identities, devices, and passwords are managed. Our open directory now permits syncing with directories that aren’t listed within our catalog to simplify user imports. JumpCloud is also more deeply integrated with Gusto HRIS to enable native device management. On the devices front, Android EMM has been officially launched, and it’s now possible for admins to initiate a remote support session on any supported endpoint using Remote Assist. Other enhancements will streamline how commands and policies are executed, and make JumpCloud Password Manager’s end user experience even better.

New Device Management Options

JumpCloud Android EMM 


Android device management for JumpCloud is now included at no additional cost. Manage both bring-your-own and corporate-owned, personally enabled Android devices via Work Profile from Android Enterprise. 

[Read The Press Release


New Remote Assist Feature

Silent Assist: Unattended Access



Admins can now initiate a remote support session without the end user needing to be present. With Silent Assist (Unattended Access), admins can launch a remote session from the JumpCloud Admin portal and connect to users’ devices directly, reducing the time to issue resolution. 

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New API Enhancements

Run Ad Hoc Commands 


Admins can now use the API to run ad hoc commands on their systems, and view which commands are bound to their devices, giving them greater flexibility and visibility. 

[Learn More About API Services]


Open Directory Enhancements

Native Integration with Gusto HRIS Platform


Gusto offers a deep integration with JumpCloud to allow HR to automate and more seamlessly manage devices, in addition to user identities, from within their platform. 

The integration provides the flexibility to perform simple device assignment and device management tasks within Gusto and also have access to the full breadth and depth of the device management capabilities available within JumpCloud directly.

[Learn More About Gusto Integration


Automatic Sync Support for New Directories


Description: Organizations using external directories that aren’t in our catalog can create new integrations for directories that automatically sync user data into JumpCloud every hour. With this new feature, processes are fully automated, security is vastly improved, and support tickets are decreased. 

[Learn More About Directory Sync] 


Identity and Access Management

Support for Duo’s Universal Prompt


Description: JumpCloud now supports the Duo Universal Prompt authentication method, to which Duo is migrating their customers. With this new release, universal prompt provides a simplified logon experience for the user, and JumpCloud makes it easy for admins to upgrade their accounts with plenty of time left before Duo ends support for the traditional prompt.

[Learn More About Duo Support]


Password Manager Enhancements


Safari Support

Description: JumpCloud Password Manager now has a browser extension available for the Safari web browser. With this new feature release, users can now securely store and manage their passwords directly in the Safari browser.

[Learn More About The Safari Extension]


MTP Enhancements 

Edit Custom Policy Group Templates

Description: Admins can now edit a custom policy group template (PGT) that they copied from an existing template in the Multi-Tenant Portal (MTP). This new feature saves time by letting admins edit templates directly, rather than recreate them every time. 

[Learn More About The MTP]


Q2 Product Roadmap Webinar


JumpCloud’s Q2 product roadmap webinar is now available to stream on demand. Learn about the future of the JumpCloud platform and uncover the new and updated features we introduced this quarter.

[Watch The Webinar Now]


Novitiate III

Thank you for adding the command enhancement to the API! That will greatly simplify some of my scripts. 🎉