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JumpCloud Remote Assist is now Generally Available and Free for All Organizations!

Rising Star I
Rising Star I

I’m pleased to announce the general availability (GA) of JumpCloud Remote Assist! JumpCloud Remote Assist empowers IT admins to easily connect to their end-users' devices from anywhere to resolve their technical problems. We currently support Windows and macOS. Linux will be coming soon.

JumpCloud Remote Assist is free for any organization to use, at any scale, for any number of devices, without any limits on time.



Key Capabilities:

  • Multi-OS support: Provide remote assistance to Windows and macOS devices, with Linux coming soon.
  • Browser-based Admin Interface: Offer remote assistance through your browser, from anywhere, with any device, and at any time, with no need to install additional tools.
  • Multiple monitor support: View, control, and switch between any number of monitors connected to your remote Mac or Windows devices.
  • Audit Logging: Get centralized logging of all remote support sessions. 
  • Clipboard synchronization: Copy and paste text and images between remote and local devices (coming soon).
  • Role-based access control: Determine which technicians can access end user devices via the JumpCloud account role-based access controls.
  • Secure Peer-to-Peer Connection: Assist employees securely with fully secured, private sessions protected by unique session keys, end-to-end encryption, and direct peer-to-peer communications.

Benefits to Direct Customers:

  • Increased Productivity and Lower User Friction: End-users resolve their technical problems more quickly, allowing them to focus on productivity and minimize time lost while waiting on issue fixes.
  • Windows, macOS, and Linux Support: Remote assistance becomes available to everyone — not just Windows users. This boosts team productivity as well as the end-user experience. 
  • Faster Resolution for Help-Desk Tickets: IT teams can close helpdesk tickets faster, reducing time-to-resolution for your users and optimizing IT’s productivity time.

Benefits to MSPs:

  • Increased Reselling Margins: Centralize all your core capabilities such as identity, access, device management, and live remote assistance in the JumpCloud directory platform.
  • Reduced Operating Costs: Provide an easy and cost-effective way to manage multi-OS devices remotely.
  • Optimize Technician Time: Empower your IT admins to work efficiently and provide faster time-to-resolution for helpdesk issues.

Learn more about Remote Assist from the following resources: