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Mac JumpCloudService account App Failed (Solved)

Novitiate III

Hi Community! 

Still had quite a few Macs with "Need attention" status after failed attempts running the create service account app introduced in latest agent update.

After some trial and error I realized that somewhere on the way the affected users token passphrase had got out of synch and this is how I solved it (fix maybe can be implemented in the app but this is a workaround for now).

Step 1 - Check the Securetoken status of the Account sysadminctl -secureTokenStatus username_goes_here

Step 2 - Once the Securetoken is enabled for Account, execute the below commands
sudo fdesetup list | grep $USER #where $user is the name of the user out of sync
It will return

then copy the long UUID and enter:

diskutil apfs changePassphrase disk1s1 -user 27E97FDA-252E-1D28-97E2-E11278DB2D21
You will be prompted for the old password and the current password.
It will return Passphrase successful.

Step 3 - Reboot computer and login with Jumpcloud pass then launch the JumpCloudServiceAccount app from application and create the service account as intended. 

Credits for Token sync fix to:


Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

This is great! Thank you for sharing.

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Novitiate II

What if you do not know the old password?

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