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Regarding admin access to end users

Novitiate I


1) Does the jumpcloud agent on end user machine have admin access in backend and is it true in case of all operating systems - Windows/MAC/Linux? assuming that the user is a standard non-admin user on jumpcloud while using any application.

2) We observed that for few apps like Slack, Docker, VScode etc. on MAC, we need to provide concerned jumpcloud user admin access , whenever updates are available, Is providing the user admin access the only way to get updates for above apps? are there any alternative or script/commands we can build and push thru jumpcloud console to make these updates happen instead of providing user admin access. as providing the users admin access may open door for malacious softwares as well?
If there are any alternatives please let us know for Win/MAC/Linux

3)  Another scenario is where Running WAMP server on Windows asks admin credentials to run, what can be the best ways to make it work without providing admin access to end user.