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JC Agent Visible on Windows PC

Novitiate II

So, this may sound dumb... But up until today we were 100% Mac. We now have a Windows PC in our midst (mine) due to some software that we use being Windows-only. JumpCloud MDM is going and all is running well, but I don't see the JC Agent. On Macs, the little head in the clouds is ever present in the menu bar. Is this something that PCs don't have? Or is something not right. I've done a lot of digging and can't find anything (or I'm overlooking it). Thank you all!


Novitiate I


There is a policy you can set for windows machines to hide the app

its called "Windows - JumpCloud App Controls Policy"

see if it is active.

That's one of the first things I looked at and it's unchecked...



Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

If it's unchecked then it's best to check with support to see why the flag isn't working like it should.