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PowerShell - `JC-CommandResultsReporting-v3.ps1`: a script to consume Command Results in various ways

Rising Star II
Rising Star II

Hello Community

A little project as a 'weekender' resulted in a PowerShell-Script (link to GitHub) to consume Command Results in different output forms. What it does:

(1) First it gets all existing Commands
(2) It pulls all the Command Results in the given timeframe
(3) It uses Get-JCSystemUser to pull more information about the devices in scope
(4) It puts the desired information an array to serve a table-based output

Keep in mind that the execution can take quite some time because there are many lookups happening and depending on the timeframe as well as on the amount Commands and the respective Results of them it can really drag. 


 Once the data are pulled in, it gives you options: 

1) Display results (flat, no formatting)
2) Display results in a table
3) Display results in a GridView (requires PowerShell GraphicalTools module)
4) Send results to AI for insights and statistics (requires PowerShellAI module)
5) Write results to a CSV file

Screen Recording 2023-08-15 at 15.41.47.gif


This was a 'short one', hope you enjoy and always open for any feedback, improvements, suggestions etc. 


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