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PowerShell-Function Get-SystemReport with details on SystemInfo, Battery and Uptime

Rising Star III
Rising Star III


it's me again... I'm clearing my backlog of stuff I wanted to write about and here's the next one. Had this script basically ready, but lying around for a bit, pending to be covered here. 😉 

We all need some form of reports all the time and while there are some within the platform out of the box, there may be a desire to get reports with different sets of data and details.
For example you want to get details about the uptime of devices or their battery status/condition or other available data via System Insights (SI). 

I wrote a function in Powershell which offers this and you can also use it as a framework to enhance with other tables from SI by using the Get-JcSdkSystemInsight...commandlets. (list here).

How to use it?


  1. call (1) Get-SystemReport and add the parameters as desired
  2. the table will be displayed as seen in the screenshot and a CSV is exported
    1. System ID, Hostname, User, OS, OS Version are sourced from Get-JCSystem
    2. details like Uptime, Battery and SystemInfo are sourced from

I left some comments in the code itself about the extensibility of this function if you need any other details in this function to get your desired reports done. 


    This script will generate a report of all systems in JumpCloud. The report will include the following information:
    - System ID
    - Hostname
    - User
    - Days
    - Hours
    - Minutes
    - Seconds
    - Total Uptime (s)
    - Battery Health
    - Battery State
    - Battery Manufacturer
    - Battery Model
    - Battery Serial Number
    - Battery Cycle Count
    - Battery Capacity (%)
    - CPU Brand
    - CPU Type
    - Hardware Model
    - Hardware Serial
    - Physical Memory
    ... and more

    The report will be displayed in a table format and exported to a CSV file.

.PARAMETER IncludeUptime
    Include system uptime information in the report.

.PARAMETER IncludeBattery  
    Include battery information in the report.

.PARAMETER IncludeSystemInfo
    Include system information in the report.

    Get-SystemReport -IncludeBattery -IncludeSystemInfo -IncludeUptime
    This example will generate a report of all systems in JumpCloud. 
    The report will include system uptime, battery, and system information.


    Author:         Juergen Klaassen

    Last Updated:   2023-"may the 4th be with you"

    Version:        1.0

    Change Log:

        1.0     2023-05-04      Initial release.

    - JumpCloud PowerShell module 
    - PowerShell 5.1 or later
    - A JumpCloud API key with at least Read permissions


Thanks for reading 

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