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Automating custom policy reports (Make / API)

Novitiate II

I've been more active in the Slack community, but didn't want to miss out on sharing here as well.  This is a bit less of a "script", but more of API automation.


There was a slack question related to pulling reports from policies.  I'd imagine that's on the JC radar for the new-ish Reporting feature, but this data is available via API.  I've built a new module for my JumpCloud app in Make to support this.

But, it's pretty simple from an API perspective as well.  I'm looping through all /systems, and then calling /v2/systems/:systemId/policystatuses with a filter for the specific policyID.  The API docs *do not* specify what filter fields are supported, and oddly enough, policyID isn't, but policyObjectId is.  If you watch the requests when loading the policy status within the admin console, you can see JC is using an additional filter state:ne:UNINSTALL_SUCCESS

Here's a link to a Loom video overview how quickly you can hammer this out


Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for resharing over here, too, Luke. It will be findable via search!

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